House Erewan

One of the ruling families of Glantri, their domain is along the south edge of the country, relatively rich lowland forests but inconveniently distant from the capital.

Erewan seems to have little love for the magic of the dead, nor does it seem particularly invested in the rules against the practice of divine magic.

There are rumors in Alfheim, the elven nation to the southeast, that Erewan has as much loyalty to Alfheim as to Glantri, but these are not mentioned in public.

Within living memory (at least, Elven living memory), the people of House Erewan were ruled by House Belcadiz, the dark-skinned elves to the northeast. This is a source of ongoing tension, where Belcadiz would seek to re-annex their lands, and Erewan would seek to avoid it.

Princess Carlotina Erewan is the head of the family, and the key political figure of the group.

Her hand Aron takes care of day to day matters for her.

House Erewan

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