Glantri is a Mageocracy; the political power is held uniformly by Mages. It has been this way for about 200 years.


Some aspects of society are fairly rigid. The current power structure defines as illegal several things they imagine could challenge their power. This includes all forms of religion save the official state one which is a sort of abstract worship of knowledge. There are temples of knowledge in most towns of size.

Neighboring foreign powers (aside from Darokin) are also viewed with great suspicion. Documentation may be demanded of those who appear sufficiently foreign.


Power in Glantri divides primarily along family lines. Houses of mages vie for influence and sometimes dominion over lands, and frequently vote largely as blocs. The various Principalties are in a sense semi-autonomous in their day-to-day matters.

The country is governed primarily by a two-body system of the Council of Princes (and Princesses) and a lesser body, the Parliament, who together decide laws and policy. Membership in the Parliament is less restrictive, and thus it is a larger body. Law enforcement falls to the Supreme Judge of the Council, and various agents of his or her ministry. The Great School of Magic is linked to the government as well. Individual members of both bodies get votes of varying weight depending upon their various titles; eg Baron, Duke, Viscount, etc, as well as additional offices such as Master of the School or Chancellor of the Council.

Day to day government work is handled by a bureaucracy of sorts of various ministers.

Known Locations

Glantri City Is the center of most things, including culture, learning, politics, and by far the largest population.
Tristan, a trade route town.
Wood’s Hollow a tiny human settlement in Erewan lands.


Glantri coins are generally not accepted outside of Glantri and northern Darokin.
Penny aka half-sovereign (copper, large): 20 pennies are worth 1 ducat
Sovereign (silver): 10 sovereigns are worth 1 ducat
Ducat (gold)
Crown (platinum, magical glow): worth 50 ducats


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