Karamail's Lucky Pies Food Chain

After the Adventures in Averoigne
Karamail will use the money to open a chain of food charriot
“Karamail’s Lucky Pies”

List of Wagons :

  1. first one with Othon the dwarf and Joelle the cook in a large wagon
  2. second one with Ribault and Boudika, in a small wagon
  3. third one with Tapioca and Gorgor, in a small wagon

How does each Pie Wagon works :

  • We will hire some dwarfs (at least one per wagon), 1 to 3 persons can work and travel with it. And at least one of the cooks will be a fighter to protect the clients and employees.
  • Each cart will have clay oven and a little foldable stand and cover. And will carry a reserver of wood, and provisions
  • And sell them in different towns and on the roads of the country.
    The wagon will have a secret chest to keep the coins and precious or hidden deliveries.


Recipes :

The hot meat pies from Averoigne.
In each pie will be a copper piece, and once a while, there will be a silver, and more rarely a gold or platinum coin. Those are the lucky hook to get the people to buy the pies and share them hopping to get the coin.
The wagon may also sell Ale or Wine, depending of the location.


Once a year, they will all converge to the Dwarf mine ForgeSombre and party for a week.
They will share recipes, news, doing compagnonnage training, offer a job for young dwarves or non dwarves

Business plan

A wagon costs between 128 and 190 GP to setup.
100GP (small wagon) + 18GP (mule) up to 150GP (wagon) + 30GP (horse draft)
Cooking equipment (10GP)
Initial ressources : 50GP + 1 platinum / year
Training : 10GP per employee

Provisions ~ 5 copper can cook about 10 pies , and
to sell each pie 3 coppers, but as we add one copper in each pie, it’s 5 copper margin.
Once a while, we add 1 gold (once a week) or 1 platinum (once a year) to raise the interest.


Investment : 3 wagons (2 small, a regular) 446 GP + 3*50GP for provisions + 60 GP training : 656GP total

Karamail's Lucky Pies Food Chain

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