Labyrinth Lord Lives

Into the Mirror Prison World

The Nice Company headed back towards Karameikos to help coordinate between Camille Amber and Magdalene the Distracted. We heard about a town were the inhabitants had disappeared and went to investigate. The town was completely empty. It looked like the people had been herded into the center of the town square and then just disappeared. We found a list of towns, some of them crossed out. However, one of the towns that was still pending was New Kuln.

We were on our way back to New Kuln, when we stopped in at Tonwich. There was a couple of shady men watching us. Verdant tried to follow them, but they slipped away through the Inn. We rented a big room and planned on investigating the town further.

However, once we entered the room and closed the door a bunch of dudes jumped out of the ornate mirror on the back of the door. We all fought, more or less valiantly, but they pulled us through the mirror.

Faced with forty men with crossbows the Nice Company reluctantly surrendered. Our gear was stripped and we were tossed into the dungeon.

It took a little bit of time, but through clever use of bits of magic and gear that the party had hidden when they were stripped they escaped the cell. We slaughtered the guards, freed the other prisoners, and took back our gear.

We’re out of our cell, and have our gear. but need to find the dude who has the command word to get back through the mirror



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