Verdant Vendeljon

Thief - Matt Ness


Thief, Level 2
Female Human, age 18

Str: 9
Int: 9
Wis: 6 (-1)
Dex: 16 (+ 2)
Cons: 13 (+ 1)
Char: 10

HP: 14
AC: 15/15

Saving Throws: Poison/Death Ray: 14, Magic Wand (15); Turn 2 Stone/Paralysis (13); Dragon Breath (16), Spells/Magic Staff (1413)

Exp: 1835 (lvl 3 at 2400).

Coinage: 15 pp, 254 gp, 4 ep, 703 sp, 76 cp

Thief skillz: Pick locks (23%), find/remove traps (17%), pick locks (27%), move silent (27%), climb sheer walls (88%), Hide (20%), Hear noise (1-2)

Encumbering Stuff (each 1 slot unless otherwise noted):

  • Studded Leather Armor (4 slots)
  • +1(to hit) Callari light crossbow (d6)
  • 4 quarrels (40) (2 slots)
  • Scimitar (d8)
  • +1 Short sword w/skeleton motif (d6)
  • 3 Daggers
  • Backpack
    • Grappling hook
    • Rope, silk, 50’
    • Rations (6, 3 slots)
    • Torches (5)
    • 4 flasks oil
    • Bullseye lantern
    • 2 Healing Potions (from compost heap room, pale blue w/green)
    • 1 mystery potion (purple)

Not-Encumbering Stuff:

  • Thieves’ Tools
  • Pendant of Petra (nonmagical)
  • Crystal dice (500gp)
  • Platinum chain w/foot and ruby (?)
  • Flint & steel
  • Small steel mirror
  • Magnifying lens

Verdant tells the party her story after their first adventure together:

There’s a reason I tend not to mention my last name when I meet people who don’t already know my life story, but I don’t know why I bother. My name is Verdant Vendeljon. And before you ask, yeah. I’m of those Vendeljons. Those stores you’ve seen all over Kelvin and its neighboring communities, the shops and goodhouses and such that all the locals just call “Vendeljons,” as in “I’ll go get us some mead and a cut of festival bread at the Vendeljons down the street.” They’re all run by my father—he built my grandaunt’s humble market stall into an empire of trade and merchandising. I’d deny it but there’s no point—the moment I’m seen in your company back in town the gossip will get back to you.

And that’s not all. My father married for power as well as love. My mother runs Valoris Academy. Since most of you are from elsewhere I imagine it may be new to you, but you’ve certainly met Valoris graduates even in your short time in Kelvin as they form the backbone of the city guard and constabulary. Valoris is both a training school for warriors and rangers and a sort of swords-for-hire operation. If you’re in Kelvin and you find yourself in the company of a person with above-average weapons talent, there’s a high chance they’re a Valoris alumnus.

So I’ve got that going on, too. I may not be royalty, but I’ve been invited to all of the royals’ parties, as were my siblings before me. But that’s not who I am, you know? This is who I am, this person who has fought alongside you, not some highborn poncey girl who floats above the common folk in dresses of cloudsilk and gold lace.

It wouldn’t be anyway. All the women in my family are expected to take up Valoris training by their 13th natal day. Most of the women in my family are deceptively strong, and my mother feels that a woman who can’t best a man in broadsword combat isn’t a woman at all. One of my two older sisters, an aunt, and several other female members of my family hold high positions in the Valoris power structure. But I flunked out. I was lost in heavy suits of armor, and I failed the heavier weapons my mother favors.

I had another option, of course. My father was thrilled when I left Valoris as he assumed I’d just follow my other sister into the Vendeljon ranks, working my way up from some lowly warehouse position into the dreary realm of the accountants and on up. Ugh. I haven’t had the heart to tell him that that prospect was unbearable to even consider.

So I’ve decided to head out—with some tricks I’ve picked up from low-born friends around town, as well as my archery and light bladed weapon training at the Academy—for a unplanned life of excitement and adventure. My parents are HIGHLY unamused by this life choice, mostly for fear that it will bring disgrace upon the family name. But I’m certain that won’t happen, right? You all seem like a fairly sharp set of chaps.

Verdant Vendeljon

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