Labyrinth Lord Lives

In which the adventurers play Matlock

The intrepid crew of the Nice Company found themselves embroiled in city-style skulduggery and blackguardsmanship!

Regarding the murder of Lucia Fortunato, our heroes did the good deed of burying her.

The captain of the guard, Mikkel Vorloi, pulled in our heroes for questioning. While he did not truly believe they had committed the murder, he did believe they knew something about it, and that they could likely be pressured into assisting in the investigation. As for whether they were upstanding in general remained to be seen.

Brandr proved his character by casting Charm Person on Mikkel. Somehow this worked, and got the party mostly out of trouble. Charm Person does wear off eventually, so the pressure remained to make good on promises to “oh of course we will help find the murderer, don’t you worry about us”.

Clues at the site of the murder were discovered, a rare wine, pine pitch, a length of rope, a bloody dagger. What did it all mean?

But time was a-wasting. The poorly-communicated work from both the Veiled Society and the Theosius a wood sculptor was drawing nigh. Theosius needed someone guarded. The Veiled Society needed someone killed. Unfortunately it was the same someone.

In the end half the party participated in an ambush of the other half. Sleep spell prevailed and provided a great alibi, and the escort of Senator Eipistlo was successful to Minster Yarol of defense. This enabled the Grand Duke’s court to gain accurate information regarding a challenge to Arteris Penhagalion’s rule — critical to the political stability of the realm… but more about that later.

Meanwhile the more femenine party members (engaged with the criminal under-element, of course) Gertie, Kayoshin and Verdant agreed with an unseen agent of the Veiled Society that they would seek to apprehend “those miscreant adventureres” who had spoiled the plan of information warfare.

And thus the scheme of half the party turning in the other half was born.

HOWEVER! On the following day, it was decided to chase up the clues that had been discovered. Looking into the fancy wine led to an importer shop, and a short list of buyers. One Ariskos the Shipwright, sounded fishily like it could be the guilty party. He was tracked down to his favourite drinking establishement the Blue Water Mead hall.

Ariskos showed his guilt readily, along with his dagger wound matching the weapon found at the scene of the crime, and with some mild intimidation revealed that the Veiled Society meeting space was below the very same establishment.

Our party turned Ariskos in to the slammer, then returned, and entered into the underground tunnels below the tavern. There, they found a disturbing meeting of many members who were in the process of killing the other perpetrator of the murder. After some high powered spells and many manacles, the crowd was subdued.

However, in a back room bad shit was going down. A long-brewing power struggle was resulting in a cultist of Morithal screaming at a man who turned out to be Anton Radu, leader of both the family clan and the Veiled Society. Egged on by Anton’s brother Cartha, the cultist calle him an enemy of Morithal, and stabbed him to death in the name of his Maggoty overlord.

After a brief fracas, the cultist was dead, Anton’s brother Cartha and son Zweiss were subdued. The family will never be the same.

A member of the Duke’s elite force the Elvenguard was found in chains as well, with his testamony strongly implicating the Veiled Society plotting to undermine the Duke’s security or perhaps make an attempt on his life.

A meeting with Minister Yarol, Mikkel Vorloi, and Grand Duke Stefan Karameikos III ensued. Between this new threat now learned of in Penhagalion, stirrings of conflict from the west, and the new political strain of being saddled with the necessity of putting down the Radu, the Duke seemed weary.

His Highness, Stefan, rewarded the party with money and titles (Knighthoods of the realm), but asked for help with the Penhagalion situation. Though the Nice Company seemed to be more excited about prospects of the underground and goblins, some noises of maybe perhaps we could investigate were made.

The real reward of course is in reputation. The Tornescu family will probably look upon the party with some degree of favor, due to the two favors of solving the murder of one of their own, and putting down their longstanding rivals. Mikkel Vorloi, and the guard have a mixed perception but overall have to credit the work accomplished. The leader of the realm now knows their names, looks upon them favorably, and might turn to them for help in the future.

But not all is perfect, for as they left the palace triumphant, they realized, the Church of Petra in Marilenev was burning…



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