Undecided Treasure

Things whose value, purpose, or keep/dump status doesn’t seem to be officially decided.

As GM I plan to help track these items (to reduce tedium) but more or less expect players to declare what they’re doing with them, eg trying to determine their value via knowledge, getting stuff appraised, detecting magic, tossing in the trash, deciding that so and so should keep it, etc. I’m presuming most of this stuff will happen between adventures in email or forums here or IMs or whatever.

  • Unidentified potion POTION A that was sewn into cloak near wardrobe with spider start
  • 12 arrows from the testing room (skeletons etc) ITEM D
  • Pewter Scroll Case ITEM E
  • Found silver dagger (elaborate, but very tarnished) ITEM F
  • Three tomes (one sold) (these are significant items)
    • Karamail has the one about ores of the Cruth Mountains
    • Al’Bundim for the moment has the Halfling History and Treatise on Divination
    • A Study of the Tides of the Sea of Dread – no idea who has this

I’m unsure if all of these are being kept, and not sure who has the tides book.

  • 6 strange steel coins.
    • Xandros showed one of these to the Innkeeper, who declared they reeked of magic (not much of a stretch, there’s a mage on one side) but wasn’t familiar.


Face: A smiling cheery wizard with pointy hat.
Text: (over) Pinbottom’s Best
(under) One Meal
Obverse: Picture of a roast bird breast
Text: In Grub We Trust

  • 10 oversize gold coins

These are not generic gold coins such as found in random dungeons or used by uncivilized tribes, they are clearly minted with text.
However the text is unfamiliar to you. You haven’t seen this type of writing before.
Face: a man stands between two pillars, in a field of symbols. He wears a crown.
Reverse: An abstract geometric design featuring many 3-leaf clovers

Undecided Treasure

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