Trintan is built at a bend in the Vesubia River at the far southeast of the Principalities of Glantri.

Nearly all external trade enters and leaves Glantri through this village. Primarily by boat to and from upstream, as there are cataracts downstream. As a result trade, caravans arrive and depart from and to the south across the Broken Lands on a regular basis.

It’s fairly large for a village, featuring a population of many hundreds inside a defensible wall. The walls enfold a lazy partial oxbow from the relatively (for trade vessels) fast-flowing stream of the main river.

There is a bridge over the river at Trintan, and the next major crossing is 24 miles upstream just below the fork with the Red River.

In Trintan is known to exist.

  • An Inn.
  • An apothecary Shop.
  • A spice merchant.


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