Current situation

Karameikos is quite wild. Over 80% of the land is not significantly settled or under human control. Most human settlements of any size are limited to the coastline and rivers. Small communities to the Eastron Road toward Thyatis, and fewer are along the Westron road towards the Five Shires.

A portion of the forests are controlled by different groups of elves, who do recognize the government but primarily have their own culture and laws.

Beyond that, the land is a mix of completely wild or dominated by tribes of orcs, goblins, bugbears, and worse. There is an ongoing effort to beat these forces back and wrest control of the land to make it safer. Making this difficult however is the terrain. Between
dense old forests, swamps to the west, and steep mountains all along the northern border, making inroads can be challenging.

Major Towns

Specularum is the capital and rapidly growing capital.
Kelvin is the largest inland city north along the Highreach River from Specularum
Luln is a sizable town along the Westron Road
Fort Doom… is not a nice place.


Karameikos is a new country. Historically this land was called Traladara by its (human) natives.

Within the last 80 years, this land was occupied forcibly by armies from the Empire of Thyatis. In a series of small conflicts from 920-960 AC, the native Traladaran were overrun and a series of Thyatian forts were built as well as existing towns occupied.

About 20 years ago, Duke Stefan Karameikos made a deal with Emperor Thincol of Thyatis, handing his family’s highly profitable ancestral lands to direct control of the Emperor in exchange for giving Stefan autonomous control of these new lands. In name it is independent of the empire, but most of the nobles in Karameikos and the Church of Karameikos are both of Thyatian extraction.


Kopec (copper)
Crona (silver)
Royal (gold)

Karameikos currency, though relatively new, has firm control over the minting and is respected within its borders, Darokin, and the country to the west of Karameikos.


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