History of Gruumsted

As encountered by Al’Bundim:

Within can be read an extensive description of the history of the dwarf whose tomb was disturbed. His name is, or was, Gruumsted Nightforger. He was part of the clan called Alzegen, which means roughly Stoneforge. The writers of seem to autobiographically refer to the clan as “of the deep stone”, though this is not familiar (to Al’Bundim).

There is a certain amount of information about the Stoneforge clan and their ties with other dwarves “of the deep stone”, and some hints of some amount of mild estrangement with other dwarves; “shallow dwarves”.

Gruumsted, apparently, was with the clan when they came to the surface, and founded “New Kuln”, the same name as the X son the map. This was around the year 350 AC. The clan came there in order to take advantage of rich deposits of the “red crystal”.

For a time, Gruumssted was a model citizen, a standout at the crafting of fine metalwork, but then something went wrong. Gruumsted was accused of stealing treasures of the clan’s and selling them to humans, as well as to humanoids such as goblins.

There’s an extensive portion of the scrolls detailing the accusations, the evidence, and documenting his trial. Ultimately he was convicted, sentenced to death, and buried in a tomb undergound in order to be forgotten.

Due to a combination of superstition and good safeguards, traitors — at least in this clan — are given special burial considerations, their tombs are designed to contain risen undead for at least 500 years; enough time for those who might have offended the traitor to die natural deaths.

History of Gruumsted

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