History and Timeline

Things we know so far about when things happened.

0 AC – First Emperor of Thyatis Crowned

??? – Traladara: King Halav, Petra, Chardastes save ancient Traladara from invasion

??? – Traladara: Queen of Shadows begins her attacks

350 AC – Traladara: New Kuln founded by Duregar
c. 450 AC – Traladara: Duregar of New Kuln openly hostile with sylvan elves
c. 500 AC – Traladara: New Kuln abandoned

802 AC – Glantri: time of disorder, gold rush, plague begins
828 AC – Glantri: harassment of dwarves culiminates with their expulsion and slaughter of remainder, modern Glantri begins, ruled by mages.

c. 890 AC – Traladara: After a long ‘dark age’, civilization has finally begun to assert itself in Traladara, the trade town of Marilenev is growing rapidly
c 900 AC – Traladara: Thyatis invades Traladara
c 920 AC – Traladara: Thyatis has completed conquering every area of Traladara. Specularum founded

931 AC – Traladara: Last journal entry in Tower of the Stargazer — Calcidius trapped

960 AC – Karameikos: Duke Stefan Karameikos brokers political/economic deal and gains Traladara, now named Karameikos as his dominion. Kelvin founded

990 AC:

Thaumont (start of spring) – A group of adventurers meet in the trading town of Trintan, Glantri .. adventures ensue
Flaurmont (mid spring) – Party finishes recuperating from the dangers of New Kuln & the fungus

History and Timeline

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