Previously named “New Kuln”

The place was a druegar city funded 640 years ago, in the Year 350. history-of-gruumsted
After the Druegars left, the surface levels were taken over by goblins and their king, while strange plant/mushroom still lived deeper underground.

The company came and explored partially.

The Druegar established a temple to the underground Worm. The sacrificial dagger Blacktooth was taken by Gertie from the altar, and also touched brand’r.

The Goblin king was killed by Karamail who took over the throne literally. And claimed the place.

The forge on the upper levels seems magic and require some rituals to forge and improve weapons.
A fountain coming from the mouth of a statue poor a water that can increase the size when drank, but has to be used in one day.
A statue stands over the chasm (to explore)
Deeper a network of underground river and plant caves is still inhabited.


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