Dwarf Tomb Map


Brandr Amator Aldedgar took a stab at the runes, and got a lot of the way there, but Al’Bundim “cheated” with a Read Languages spell, and we have our answer:

To the far south you both agree is written “South Sea”.

There is a large word “Traladara” across the bulk of the map.

Towards the outflow of what Brandr assumed are rivers, next to a dot indicating a site is the label “Marilenev”.

At the confluence of the rivers, next to a dot indictating a site is the label “Halavos”

In the far northeast with an arrow pointing farther northeast is the word “Rokhom”, though this might be the map-author making some kind of scribing error or space exhaustion for “Rockhome” or “Rockholm”.

Up the northwest fork of the rivers from “Halavos” is a marking Riflian (Elves), and further is the X “New Kuln”, near a hill marked “Raven Hill”.

Investigations so far of the map and the History of Gruumsted:

There are a few quality libraries in the world. Local knowledge is owned by private
researchers — whether amateurs; specialists in areas; mages, craftsmen, ecclesiastical types; or those whose profession is explicitly the research of the eccentric, unusual, and not well known information in the world, the sages.

Initial investigation has not turned up anything about about New Kuln, nor the Stoneforge Clan . The entire city you are in is around 25 years old — it’s brand new, many larger buildings are still being built — and most of the power structure are imports within this human generation from many hundreds of miles from here.

Rifilan is known to still exist.

Marilenv is the old name for the city now called Specularum, as well as the name for the powerful Traldar merchant family who now have a feudal region they control on the coast.

Traladara is well known as the name of this land before it was invaded over a period of time covering the last 80 years or so.

Halavos gets some interest, as it is evocative of “Halav” as in King Halav, the folk legend and semi-deified spiritual guide of both major religions in the area. However, the actual name Halavos and the idea of it being a location rings no bells.

“Rockholm” is a still well-known mountain-country to the northeast, the site of the largest population center of dwarves known.

Dwarf Tomb Map

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