Xandros the Unsettled

Fighter - Nick


Xavros Xandros the Unsettled
Lawful Fighter, Level 1 (Veteran)
Str 18
Int 9
Wis 9
Dex 16
Con 14
Chr 18

HP 9 AC 1

(gracelessly added by DM, please edit to suit)

Special Abilities:

  • Fear – Due to his natural paranoia, attacks from the rear are less likely to surprise Xavros.


  • Seeking to learn fighting techniques which disable others. Disarming, hog-tieing.

Money: 97gp, 15 ep, 68sp, 3cp
XP: 1,518 (1,996 post-tombs) (next level at 2,000)

Encumbering equipment:
Current ecumbrance: 23 (lightly encumbered, heavily is 25)

  • Equipped:
    • Banded Mail (7 slots)
    • shield
    • Bastard Sword (2 slots)
    • heavy crossbow (2 slots)
    • cases of quarrels: 9 left
  • Backpack (size 12, currently 10)
    • cases of quarrels: 10 left
    • Iron spikes x12
    • 50 foot rope
    • First aid kid: 9 uses left
    • 1 flask of oil
    • waterskin of life
    • 10 foot pole
    • flask of flour
    • 6 candles of evil detection
    • well-made shield found in a pool
  • Stowed in Brandr’s Bag o Holding
    • 5 torches
    • 19 rations (6 slots)
    • blanket
    • bedroll

Non-encumbering equipment:

*Manacles x2
*Backpack (see above)

Shopping list:

  • holy water
  • ball gag
  • blackjack
  • caltrops
  • axe
  • hammer

Until a few weeks ago I had a job as a kind of guard by a small mercantile bank and insurance company. I may still have this job I suppose. The problem is I think they may be all dead now.

My bosses had started this business on the side granting insurance policies against “Acts Of Evil God” to certain large customers. Back before my employers actually believed in evil gods this of course seemed like a great opportunity. Guards like me were part of the pitch. “If there’s ever a claim on the policy, our team of experts will be dispatched”, etc etc…
Of course I’m no expert – I just had to pretend to be one now and then. I did some acting when I was younger and I can fight so I got the job. Most of the time I was just a guard and a courier.

Anyway, I think signing contracts that try to circumscribe the behavior of supernatural evil beings must be a really bad idea. Evil things started finding our customers and messing with them at first. Then slowly possessing people around them. Then a couple days later everyone’s slashed up, beheaded, etc.

In a nutshell, I’m super far away from home now and still staying away from big merchants and banks. I can’t sleep much anymore. I’ve disarmed and tied up more than a few suspicious people in the last month. Probably some were innocent. But I don’t kill them or anything – that would be weird.

Xandros the Unsettled

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