Kayoshin's Direwolf


Max HP: 20
Armor: 18 (Naturally 14, but +4 from Magical Chain Mail Barding)
Attack: 2d4 +1

Stuff Lok’tar has
Spiked Collar of Biting + 1 (Given by magical Tarot deck))
Magical Chain Mail Barding (+4 to armor)


Lok’tar was found as a puppy by the Nice Company after they decimated The Castle of Skull Mountain. Kayoshin promptly claimed him for her pet and potential mount.

Lok’tar has since been trained in Schutzhund, and also been taught how to track via scent.

After the adventures in Castle d’Amberville and in Averoigne, Lok’tar is full sized. With his new barding he and Kayoshin got some more riding training. He has now learned how to attack while being ridden.


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