Elf - Clara


Neutral Elf, Level 5
14 Str
17 Int
13 Wis
16 Dex
10 Con
17 Chr

HP 28 AC 20/19

In Spellbook: Charm Person, Magic Missile, Protection from Evil, Read Languages, Read Magic, Flame Arrow, Knock, Locate Object, Mirror Image, Web, Sleep, Fireball, Haste, Invisibility 10’ radius, Lightning Bolt

Human speech

Money: 10pp, 392gp, 96sp, 226cp
XP: 33,423

Plant Lore (specifically plains and forests)

Stuff the Kayoshin has:
Chain Mail Armor 1 (From the Rahib/Truthkeeper Tangor)
Cloud Bow (
1+1, change to put target to sleep, chance to access dreams)
Double sized quiver, 80 arrows 1d8
3 Daggers (one at her belt and one in each boot) 1d4
Magical Arrows x 11, 1d8 +1 +1
Longsword, Fine 1d8 +1
Medallion of the Order of Petra
Ring of Woodland Creature Control
Longsword, Talon of Grexis (Had to make a will save to not get MC’d!)

In Backpack:
Rations, trail – 6 (2 slots worth)
Rope, silk 50ft
Rope, silk 50ft
Lantern, with 4 pints of oil.
Waterskin with water x 2
Woodworking tools
Arrowheads & feathers
Garlic (3 cloves)
First Aid Kit, 10 uses

Unencumbering Equipment
Soap, bar
Twine, 85 ft
Gold pin w/ garnet (appraised at 100g)
Scroll of Read Languages
Alchemical Notes
2 blank scrolls
Bottle of dessert wine

High hard boots
Light Trousers
Leather Belt
Wool Tunic
Cashmere Cloak – dyed forest green

Lok’tar: Direwolf Cub
Spiked Collar
Magical Chain Mail Barding (+4 to armor)

Saddle Bags
Longsword 1d8
Sack, large
Sack, small
Rations, trail x6 (2 slots worth)
Rope, silk 50ft


Kayoshin is 5’ 4". Her hair is black and shoulder length. Her eyes are a very leafy green. She is on the stocky and muscular side for an elf.

Kayoshin is a wandering sort of elf. She is just under middle aged and has spent all of her life wandering. Her tribe of elves all wander and plant trees. Their ancient forest homeland was destroyed many generations ago, and they all look for a new home as they wander and plant trees. She will usually plant a tree wherever she spends a night. Some places need two trees.
More than the rest of her race of elves, Kayoshin wanders. Normally the wandering elves travel together in kin-based caravans. However twenty years ago Kayoshin’s family caravan was attacked and burned by a goblin raiding party from the Crush the Skull tribe. She was hunting in the forest and returned to find only the burned wagons and hacked apart bodies of her family and extended family. Kayoshin avoids discussing this and will usually kill any goblins she runs across. Since then she has been wandering across the land, taking odd jobs and not staying in one place too long.

Kayoshin met up with the party after being hired to sneak up on Xandros. She had done this successfully a couple of times, however when in Kelvin Xandros managed to see her before she surprised him. Impressed with his growing skills and with the rest of the party’s tale of adventure she decided to join them.

  • Can coax plants to life in the most barren of ground.
  • Speak with trees, of appropriate maturity. Younger trees are just too childish to hold a conversation.
  • Will rub or pull on the tips of her pointed ears when stressed or frustrated.


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