The Dwarf - Yann


Dwarf level 3

Personality traits :

  • Canibalophoby : Will always ask what type of meat he is eating, because he doesn’t want to eat humanoid meat.
  • Blame himself for the group and it’s home city.
  • Carries a stool with him just in case.

Skills :

  • Can keep it’s breath for a very long time
  • Mining, digging
  • Evaluate gems and metals
  • Swim

Goals in the life of adventurer :


  • Halfning Merchant in town “Gustav Saynomore”, where Karamail is buying all it’s bedroom furniture (for the bag of holding)
  • Dwarf girl Scout “Isabella RokSawlid” , has been carrying messages back and forth to different dwarf communities in the region.

Obligations :

  • Dwarven Minecraft Syndicate, all the dwarf adventurers have to pay a small fee to cover protection of their families, and old age.
  • Order of Petra, As the benedictions of the order appeased him, he like to help them in their quests and wear their tokens.

Wounds :

  • 2 deadly blows from a giant mushroom left some broken ribs and flatten the side of the skull.

Lawful (Veteran)

16 Str
11 Int
15 Wis
12 Dex
18 Con
6 Chr

HP 18 AC 3

Total encumbrance: 21 (Lightly encumbered, 25 goes over to heavy)

Team :
Aldegard Brandr

Joseph Bower → meat shield
Saved Ariana from death
Drake Fairydragon
undead dwarf of 422 years in the tomb of grumstead nightfanger

Dearhs and Notables
[] puched by a giant mushroom 3 times
[] Turned to a platinum statue
[] Knighted in Specularum
[] Lost 3500 GP from the Valet of Denier
[] Clawed by a Lion 3 times
[] Fell down from a Colossus
[] cursed by a wraith (1 level)
[] Book of truth : My age of death will be : 55 or 300 or -300 years
[] truth, my father caused the flood in lake hast

The Hand Erin → Going to the broken land, using the magic bean, find the invisible tower
Carries the shrud of Rastaban to cover the mask of the tomb king.
Shadowqueen deity
Order or Petra
Rustu and the girl team
City of Kelvin
Dwarf Ruin “Newcomb”

Hand, Heart, Body

Bike Tailor fro Hul -<> was spying for the Rahib (killed by minotaur)
Theocracy on the continent of Door

Specularum :
Destroyed the veil society
Get knighted

Panhaligon :
Battle of the castle

Mc gregor Familly:
drained to the negative plan, in the north of glantry
using the difference Engine

Familly of Amberville

Rusta prohecy :
knife of camille

Colossus and time tavel
Chupacabra undeads

Ximes in Averoigne
Old Bettie does the best pies
Bishop and Jehan

Back in time
Sephora and Malache (gave perfume to her)
Sorceress Moriamis
End if the world → 400y in the past

Tomb of Camille :
Blue dragon, wyvern, giant of stone, manticorne, mud golem, hydra
Gertie burned the tapestry


Young 45 years old dwarf from the Lake Ajast in the far North-West.

The city of the lake was a dwarf underground colony build in the mountains. The ruler was the Great Bearded Patriarch, and the city was expanding in the metal veins as they were digging them.

One day that Karamail was working on the mining team, they did find blocks of blue gems, and decided to extract them going further and further. Until they reached the bottom of the lake, and the water immediately flooded the tunnels.
The majority of the city and the throne room was filled with cold water and few were able to escape. Some Dwarves survived in air pockets, until they were rescued or died.

Karamail stayed 5 days in a tunnel with 2 other starving survivors. When they decided to kill him to eat him and because they blamed his team to be responsible for the catastrophe, he jumped in the water to escape them and swim for several very long minutes in the dark. And finally reached the surface.

Profoundly impacted by the events, he had lost it’s parents, Karamail left it’s home and tried a new life of adventurer.

Current state as a platinum statue


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