Labyrinth Lord Lives

Silvers Keys and Rastu's souvenir

Down the laboratory we found a group of rooms that were unexplored.

One contained a giant lizard covered by a pile of coins, the beast has the tome to ingest Xandros, and has to be cut open to retrieve him.
And one of the room had a Lion statue and the Silver gate. As we were missing some of the keys we tried to forge some copies while under the attack of automatons, but the copy keys didn’t worked,
Then we explored around. Another room had a fortune teller with cards, one had a pound of acid with one key inside. And finally we encountered a group of 3 people, one of them was Ratsu, a person we heard of, from the tribes of the Rahib. They are on a quest of their own, probably the hearth, etc…

We made a temporary alliance to share our silver keys, and open the door.
After turning all the good keys, the door opened, and revealed a magic tunnel to another world.
The Rustu’s group went first, then we followed and ended up in Averoigne.



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