Labyrinth Lord Lives

Saved from the maw of the worm

We woke up one by one. Xandros, Kayoshin, Karamail and Gertie were each lying on their very own stone slab, tied there by braided vines. Brandr and Loktar were naked in a rather small metal cage. Loktar is the dire wolf pup. I’m calling out that he was naked since he is usually a bit armored. Brandr had no less armor than he normally does, but 100% less robe. Beyond the two of them in the cage, Verdant had apparently drawn the first class cabin and was locked in a wooden cage with a statue of some goat-hooved god and a few pieces of furniture even.

Nearby was a huge fire and past that a huge throng of robed figures chanting. Among them a few black-robed figures waving scythes and staffs purposefully. Oh and a huge wooden model of the worm Mor-i-thal , complete with gaping maw. At least it was pretty obvious it was Morithal cause the robed throng was chanting “Mor-i-thal” over and over.

Verdant used her goat legs (curse?blessing?) to kick a hole in her fancy cage, took two splintered wood staves and squeezed out. She gave one pointed stick to Brandr and kept the other. This caused a panic among the robed peoples and they started trying to shoot us with blowpipes again but an enormous wolf came from out of nowhere and began to basically rip all their throats out.

Meanwhile a mini throng of the robed figures surrounded Gertie, untied her and tried to drag her towards the fire and/or towards the Worm thing. While we were variously succeeding and failing at getting ourselves untied and free, Brandr webbed a bunch of robed dudes and used a spell to find where our stuff was. The 3 ominously black-robed dudes cast ominous spells, one of which seemed to develop slowly into a dark storm overhead. With another spell they summoned a lightning storm and things looked bad but this lady in a midnight blue robe showed up and her staff somehow sucked all their lightning into it.

Possessed deer with huge antlers and rolling eyes tried to prong Xandros and he killed one, clad at that time only in a helmet, a sword and a shield. Other deers without rolling eyes fought on our side at one point. Other wolves showed up (half the size of the huge one) and savaged more robed people. Verdant discovered the great joy of jumping 30 feet in the air and landing hoof-first on an evildoer’s skull. It was mayhem.

When the dust settled and the newly throatless had gurgled their last gurgles, we put on our clothes and talked to the mysterious newcomers (for some, not in that order). The werewolf turned out to be our friend(?) Malachie and the lady’s name was Moriamis. We told her the whole story because at that point what the hell. She was intrigued by the potion of time travel and said those were her invention. She was most curious about how we had come across one. We showed her the dregs of ours and she believed it to be her recipe although not the work of her hands. She gave the current time “by the roman reckoning” of 700. So that’s something. About these druids she said they have been here for hundreds of years but worship Morithal now. That Morithal seeks to eat the worlds from within and has some means of travel between them such that he is present in many or most.

Brandr and she talked at some length about how in Averoigne magic is a deadly business and how its use can bring a corruption upon your soul. She has some means of protecting herself from this corruption but apparently the learning of it takes 600 years minimum. So, pass.

When asked about the ring of Eibon, she said the works of Eibon are said to come from the land of Hyperboria, the land of the sorcerors in the far north. A place and time considered dangerous and treacherous.

Moriamis said that since the followers of Morithal want nothing more than to see him eat the world, she always sends them 4000 years into the future so they can witness precisely this as they die. While we watch she administers potions and one by one they fade away. Somehow this does not imply that Morithal will necessarily win at the big world-eating contest, so the moral I guess is that time-travel is complicated.

Skipping ahead a bit, we stayed with her and her people for almost a week, learning what we could learn and healing up. She was happy to brew us each a potion apiece to get back to “our” time, plus one extra potion for the whole camille-tomb thing. We requested to arrive a month or so earlier than we left and she said it should be no problem. We said our goodbyes, drank our potions and it seemed to have worked.

Back in the… future? We headed northwest. Eventually we found our way back to the road to Vyones. On the first night we saw that meteor we’d heard about before. Specifically the multiple meteors in the sky that joined up and headed north as a single meteor.

The next day or maybe it was two days later, we came to Vyones itself, found a tavern and tried to blend in. Chatted away and dropped questions about “Gaspard Du Nord” and “Luc le Chaudronnier” etc, following our leads about the Ring and the Mirror.

A man there named Gros Michel, who turned out to be a well-traveled dragon-hunter (!!!) and for whom we bought several ales, said that Gaspard Du Nord actually lived right in Vyones but that he wasn’t in very good standing with local society. Apparently he had studied with “bad sorcerors” for a time.

Later that night a much needed rest was interrupted by a great shrieking as apparently a lot of dead had risen from the Vyones cemetery and were shambling off to the north.



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