Labyrinth Lord Lives

In the Castle of Death Mountain (And Elsewhere)

“So the heathens were camping out in a cave?”, a slender man in a black robe speaks.

The other figure bows. He wears armor burnished so brightly you might think it silver, and stands high at over 6 feet.

“Yes, Theosius.”

“Merkul, you can see the journey to spread truth and light to a land of darkness can be beset with peril. Bring brotherhood and unity among previously warring tribes and they will call you a menace.

Already we have lost two of our Kree brothers to their cruelty, simply as repayment for spreading the Word.

Your duty to guard us will not be easy, but it will be rewarded."

“Sir, I expect they will return, or someone else in their place. Perhaps we should seek counsel with the Lady?”

“Indeed we should, were she not otherwise engaged. She communes with the Blade. I will talk with her this evening.

“As for our antagonists. Indeed I expect to see them again, but they are talented, and those of talent are rarely dim-witted. It is likely that they can be enlightened. We may profit from this yet.”

Elsewhere in the multiverse:

In the blackness of nothingness between the planes, there is absolute silence. No thing has been here for millions of years. Or is it that time itself cannot find this remote pocket? Its very nature is anathema to life, light, and matter.

If any voyaging Dream-Mage or Illithid were sending its consciousness this way as a path bewteen Nirvana and Tartarus, it would scarcely bother to perceive the place, known as it is to be profoundly empty.

But … what is this? A faded, pallid light appraoches. A shape slowly emerges. It’s squarish and flat, and seemingly made of stone. A building! Hulking and lacking entirely in windows, but with a low recessed doorway sealed with a huge stone slab, and sealed with a crest: a black shield with a golden phoenix, and over it a medium yellow crown.


A tomb.

And on it drifts again. Slowly sliding out of view into the inky blackness.



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