Labyrinth Lord Lives

From Ximes to times


First day at Averoigne. The nice company stayed at the tavern.
We discovered that we were able to understand the local dialect, but that the locals did not trust much our foreign coins and were not very aware of Elves or Dwarves, only humains. The also believe a particular deity only, and considered the other magic as pagans.
Xandros learned about recent events and a bright light fallen from the sky to the south. Also it appeared to Gertie that each cleric spells triggered some magic ripples in the air in this place.

Our Quest here is still not clear, some place seems to match the towns around.

  • The Enchanted Sword of Sylaire (Sylaire, Sephora, Malachie ?)
  • The Ring of Eibon (Yvones – gaspard du Nord )
  • The Viper-Circled Mirror (Perigon – Luc le chaudronnier)
  • A Potion of Time travel (Les Hiboux, Xims? – Azederac, Jehan, Moriamis ?)

We decide to go south to Ximes and les Hiboux. A merchant was traveling south, but we decided travel on our own. It took several days of walking, and on the way we discovered that undead are frequently walking around, from swamp on the south to the north.

Once at Ximes, we had to pretend being a carnival troop to explain our clothing and sizes. Especially Verdant with her goat legs, Kayoshin whith her Fey traits, Xandros with it’s tail, Karamail and Brand’r with their 4th feet height.
In town Verdant and Kayoshin meet a women from high rank and were invited to a Ball the coming weekend, for which they had to find a taylor. Karamail looked for a cure for it’s curse of insatiable hunger, and on the way found a very good pie recipe.
We aimed for the person who may possess the potion of time travel. We assumed that the Bishop was a good candidate. He is powerful here, and ensured that it’s opponent died mysteriously. He also has a hitman in town Jehan. We were able to find him under a false identify, and Brand’r decided to charm him and invite him to join us for a dinner.

However it appears that the spells of the mage didn’t work, maybe the place or the man lying skills. Jehan came to the dinner and we tried to make him feel friendly and get more details on the Bishop.
The sneaky thief poured a special wine in our cups, and after even the dire wolf puppy had a sip, he claimed : “You fool tried you could trick me, but instead you got the potion what you were looking for : You drank it, go away now.”
The following second we were all transported to another time, in the flatland close to the river. where the city of Ximes had not yet been founded.

After a moment of confusion, we collected the rest of the wine, in case the potion of time travel was still potent. Xandros eructed of joy, claiming that we were finally in security in a time and a world where our enemies didn’t existed yet. We suppose that this is also before the Castle of Amberville left this world.
After exploring around, we found a dolmen of stones, from the ancient inhabitants. And decided to head north on the river and the forest where we hard of ancient pagan ruins may be.

A few days later we saw a strange scene, a woman was swimming in the river, and singing. While a large beast wolf like was prowling around. Xandros jump in the water to protect her. The beast walked back, and the women laughed : " charming, but unnecessary, Malachie likes to drink the magic spring to make him large and impressive, to impress me, but he will never hurt me."
She was Sephora the enchantress, and after putting on clothes invited us to her place.

Notes from Xandros

So we were at the Inn named “Bonne Jouissance”, between Vyones to the North and Ximes to the south.

We had some notions of where the 4 objects might be – ring, mirror, sword, potion.
We decided to start with the potion of time. We had evidence that it was to the south in either Ximes or Les Hiboux. also that its location was somehow related to the names Jehan and Azederac

The next morning Gertie cast a healing from the staff on Xandros and it did something funny and made some “ripples”. We decided ripples were bad and that we’d to do a whole shitload of healing right then and there and then take off. In case there was any Ripple Triangulation whereby people could find us.

South, to Ximes. Much trudging. 2-3 days.
At camp on two nights we saw what looked like corpses headed north.
We arrive at Ximes. To play down our strange clothing we started claiming to be a newly formed traveling circus troupe.
We went to a tavern at Ximes, “The Portly Chef”
- Xandros and Brandr talked to a man named Francois dressed in a fancy robe embroidered with magical looking sigils. He turned out to be a bitter old fortune teller and a fake one at that.
- Kayoshin (and verdant?) greeted a woman with fancy clothes, an elaborate hairstyle and an attendant even. She asked about the “avant garde” leggings that Kayoshin had. K claimed they were from Les Moulins north of Vyones. They inquired about who might be able to make a costume for them in time for the Ball!
- Someone…. talked to a strange man named Michel who was talking to his invisible companion Georges.

Overall, we learned:
- There is a ball and a big Harvest Festival this weekend.
- in Ximes the Cathedral is the Cathedral of Saint Mary and is the seat of the archbishop
- the town is famous for “the lonely sausage” which is, one can hope, a food item.
- there’s an old rumor around the founding of the Abbey of Perigon, which is a town 5-6 dayswalk to the west. The story concerns pagan worshippers who were converted by St Paul
- there some rumors of long ago druid worship in the hills to the NE.
- Les Hiboux is to the south, boggy, marshy and more than a little smelly.
- The Legend of the Beast of Gevaudan comes up here and I think we’re closer to its territory than we were at the Inn of Bonne Jouissance.
- There is a man named Jehan (Mauvassere ??) he makes people die and goes around in disguise. stay away. (the name from our clue!)

The next day Brandr finds Jehan’s favorite cafe and follows him. Finds his house.
Karamail tries to find the best chef in town and tracks down an old chef named Betty. He acquires a recipe for a fantastic pie.

We also learned from someone that the Bishop’s history more than about 15 years ago is a total mystery, except that his family is from Vyones.

Brandr followed Jehan again, cast Charm Person (fails, but doesn’t know it). invites jehan to dinner with the whole company and he accepts.
btw, on the casting of “Charm Person”, our first arcane magics cast in this land, Brandr felt decidedly bad and corrupted.

At dinner we all get drowsy and he says “You fools! Puny sorcerors. You think you can {something something}. Go away with you to the past!”

and so, we uh, did. We are now in the past. The two rivers are still here, joining in what looks like the same way, but the town of Ximes is gone.
Karamail suddenly recalls that when he received his answers from the Book of Truth, one was that he might die at one of various different ages, one of which being “negative 300 years”.
Xandros is overjoyed. Not only can none of his enemies, imagined and otherwise, follow us into the past, but here we can “get the jump” on anyone who needs the jump gotten on them.

We followed some tracks north east. Saw a lady swimming in the river. Saw a huge wolf stalking her. Xandros charged at it, Verdant shot a crossbow at it. Brandr casts Sleep. It slinks away before we could harm it.

Intersting to note – the casting of the magics felt weird but not corrupting in the same way.

The lady refers to herself as Sephora the Enchantress and to the wolf as Malachi. The wolf was apparently once a human who was enamored with her. As to how he became a wolf, “he drank from certain waters and thought to make himself stronger”.



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