Labyrinth Lord Lives

Averoigne Final

Having finally assembled the ring, mirror, sword, and potion the Nice Company set out to summon the Tomb of Camille Amber.

We exited the town of Ximes after making sure that Rustu and her henchmen got sent back in time. We werent’ sure what would happen if they didnt’ get sent back? Would the help they gave us escaping persecution/prosecution for the Abbots death be gone? Anyway we decided not to mess with time. And sending them back in time was kinda nice too. Gets them out of the way, at least for a while?

Anyway, exiting Ximes.

We found a nice little secluded section of forest a couple miles out of town and decided to do the ritual to summon Camille’s tomb there. Luc Le’Chaudronier was nice enough to lend us his ring. In fact once I (Kayoshin) put the ring on for a moment he yelled “I’m free!” and sprinted off. Kinda worrrysome,

So Ring was touched to Mirror. Potion was poured on Sword. Sword was used to break Mirror. Mist swirled, the world faded away, and then we were in front of a very large tomb. It was quite impressive. There was the crest of Amber, and some very lovely double doors.

We of course entered the doors and were faced with a rather large blue dragon sleeping on top of a quite enormous pile of silver and gems. It was so picturesque that we didn’t want to wake it up. So we tried to quietly walk to one of the two doors leaving the room. Regrettably while most of us were looking at the door and concentrating on walking silently. Karamail was looking at the silver and concentrating on just how many coins there were.

The dragon woke up at the clatter of armored dwarf hitting the floor.

I tried to sweet talk the dragon into just letting us pass. But it was less than cooperative, and breathed lightning on us. At that we all turned and hacked/arrowed/webbed it to death. And then shoveled as much of the gems and silver as we could fit into the bag of holding. Sadly it was a very large pile, so we couldn’t fit all of it. We also spent a little bit of time and took some dragon scale and tooth trophies.

The door we’d been making our way to opened up into a room of clouds. The path was a fairly wide cloud through the long and angled room. Once we were a bit inside a Wyvern attacked us! Happily we didn’t try any sweet talking this time and just killed it.

Next room was a stone giant. He was guarding another door and also a pretty large chest. Attempts to sweet talk the giant were met with a resounding lack of communication as none of us spoke grunt, and he didn’t speak anything else. Despite the language barrier he was still adept at shaking his head no whenever we pointed at the door we wanted to get through. Fortunately I(Kayoshin) and Verdant came up with a novel distraction plan. Verdant hid behind the chest and I sent Lok’tar to pee on the giants leg. While the giant was busy trying to shove Lok’tar away Verdant jumped out and stabbed him in his giant back.

All those times that Lok’tar peed on Xandros paid off!

The door the giant had been guarding was carefully opened to reveal a manticore. There was a bunch of shooting of arrows, and some return shooting of spikes from the manticore. And then there was a dead manticore.

Inspection of both doors leading out of the manticore’s room revealed one room that opened on to an extremely deep room full of water, and a second door that opened onto a room full of mud. Given that every single room thus far had contained some sort of large creature trying to stop us from getting through, we were quite naturally worried about what sort of not immediately obvious creature inhabited each of these rooms.

We decided on a quick test of the water room. Our genius plan was to tie one of our ropes to the manticore corpse and toss it into the water. Regrettably, instead of pulling whatever water creature out so that we could fight it on land we had to cut the rope to the manticore. We did see a very large dorsal fin cut through the water as the manticore corpse was pulled under.

Instead of drowning while fighting a scary large shark, the party investigated the room of sucking mud. We disassembled the chest from the stone giant’s room, and put it’s pieces on to the mud, to form part of a path. Then Karamail hammered some spikes into the wall to provide a bit of a support railing. He got halfway along the wall before a mud creature started to rise from the mud. We shot and bludgeoned it until it disintegrated back into the mud.

Next room was a five headed hydra. It was speedily dispatched and we opened the door to the final room.

We were faced with Camille’s actual tomb. There was a sarcophagus, with both candelabra and braziers at the head and foot of it. Unsurprisingly the candles were amber and the braziers had amber smoke coming from them. There was also a fine tapestry on the far wall that depicted two assassins murdering Camille.

Before we could investigate the sarcophagus more closely a shimmering doorway appeared on the wall to our right. It looked like it opened onto a misty forest, and Rustu and her two henchmen stepped into the tomb.

Rustu gave us a big spiel about how Camille was not good, and we should in no way bring her back to life. There was talk of a curse, and some flowery words about how Rustu would be such a good custodian for Camille’s knife that can cut through anything, including souls. Brandr and Kayoshin distracted and questioned Rustu for a bit, to try to determine if there was anything to the curse that she was suddenly bringing up.

Meanwhile Gertie opened the sarcophagus and read to everyone the inscription on the inside of the lid. This inscription said to burn the tapestry to set Camille free from her assassination. Gertie was not interested in listening to Rustu’s blathering. In fact she decided that Rustu was just trying to stop the Nice Company from their mission and also was trying to acquire the knife that we didn’t want any of the desert people to have.

“I surreptitiously set the tapestry on fire.” – Gertie

As the tapestry burns the smoke fills the room and condenses around the skeleton of Camille. After a few moments Camille sits up and thanks us all for freeing her from the machinations of her husband and his mistress.

Camille transports all us back to Glantri to the lawn in front of the Castle d’Amber. It is quite reassuring to see the familiar scenery and not be stuck in the weird castle or Averoigne.

That untrustworthy bint, Rustu, starts to tell Camille that she was the one who saved her. She even asks for Camille’s magical knife. I interrupt to let Camille know that Rustu actually had nothing to do with it. The Nice Company were the ones to assemble the items for the ritual,. We were the ones who fought our way through the tomb. Gertie was the one to set the tapestry on fire, certainly not Rustu, who tried to stop that from happening.

Camille fortunately isn’t hoodwinked by Rustu. In fact, she says notes that people who ask for her knife never deserve to have it and she tells Rustu that she should leave. Then suiting actions to words, Camille makes Rustu and her henchmen vanish.

Now given a chance to talk, without Rustu interrupting rudely, the Nice Company fills Camille in on the current status of Glantri. She offers to lend her knife for helping against the MacGregors. She is also glad to hear news of her family in the Castle d’Amber. And for our good works there offers to gift us some magical items.



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